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    Commercial Security Access Control

    Our Experience

    ASI Systems access control systems deliver maximum results, tailored to your needs, coupled with ease of use and cost efficiency – all while helping to reduce your overall liability, theft, shrinkage, violence, and the high costs associated with re-keying. Growing businesses throughout the country are relying on our access control systems for scalability and performance across all locations. The access control system is an important component of any comprehensive security solution for many reasons.

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    Local Software Control Management of Your Solution

    The access control software is installed on a central server which already has the necessary personnel database that is connected to the LAN/WAN for constant communication. After that, we integrate the intrusion detection system and the digital video system together to work with the access control software, which enables us to have the solution work as one integrated system. ASI Systems has been installing Kantech access control systems for many years. Each of our clients received a highly customized, world-class access control system, and all required hardware, from the dedicated professional access control installation personnel at ASI Systems.  Browse below for the various components that make up your access control system, which are.


    ASI Systems provides the best Biometric ID-based access control systems, which can use identifiers of unique human characteristics to get the greatest level of security. Customers of ASI Systems very often use our biometric scanners to secure and restrict access to mission-critical and highly sensitive locations, such as data centers or other secure areas. Biometric applications can be and are not limited to: retinal scanners, fingerprint readers, and hand geometry readers.

    ioSmart Smart Cards and Multi-Technology Readers enable a cost-effective migration from other older or archaic proximity cards to more advanced and  smart card technology. This product line provides enhanced security through end-to-end AES-128 encryption all over RS-485 when used in conjunction with Kantech’s KT-1 or newer KT-400 door controllers. These readers can be installed in a variety of indoor or outdoor applications.

    Key Cards

    Our Credit card sized access cards are able to store multiple access approvals and provide entry or egress by swiping the card on a reader. Each reader stores every bit of activity which can be accessed by your system administrators. Monitor all personnels actions and reduce office shrinkage and theft. All the data regarding building access can be audited and stored for the future to use for legal purposes. Cards can also be integrated with personnel management, visitor access management, or other business and building software to enable a completely integrated and seamless solution. All of our cards can serve various functions and purposes for your organization.


    ASI Systems installs the very best in keypads technology for your access control systems.  Our customers rely on our keypads to secure entry to the most critical of environments.  Whether indoors or outdoors, our keypads can be designed to withstand any unique situation that may be presented in order to keep your facilities completely secure.

    Our keypads are constructed of stainless steel and feature a one-piece rugged, compact and vandal resistant design. The keypad contains no moving parts and uses a proprietary piezo electric technology ensuring that the 12 digit keypad will perform reliably in even the most demanding environments. For maximum flexibility two LEDs (red and green) are user programmable and an annunciator beeps with each key press.